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Evolved Enterprise by Yanik Silver


In short for: the entrepreneur, the wannabe-preneur and the  evolved entrepreneur and his or her enterprise;  It is for someone who has been a life-time in the visioning/dream, whether your in the implementation phase, dreaming phase, or you have a full fledged business….and you have money, but you want more…..you want to matter.


If you struggle to find the way to get traction. This is for you. There are at least a few million like-minded sustainable/evolved/entrepreneurial types, struggled to connect with the right community. Here, you will get the feeling this is going to be it.

The business side gives  you clarity away from baby-steps where there you find it hard to move forward, perhaps due to self-doubt, early efforts stalling,  etc. to a purpose with larger steps than you could’ve ever imagined.

If you want to know how the work you have been doing or want to do, fits in the scope of a much bigger picture  with the broader world, you must read this book Evolved Enterprise by Yanik Silver….

It is about being cutting edge, relevant.  Leveraging the capacities of what you have with telling a story to connect with clients that are ideal for you.

Evolved enterprise  brings conciousness to the future.   It gives the hopes for a better world.

“Just like you can learn from Yanik Silver, he had mentors.  The greats like Jay abrahm were along similar lines.  “Building with a 360 dimension” view as J Abraham would call it, meaning that if your focus is on wealth generation for a wider beneficial to many cause, you will naturally “see” connecting dots which build the bigger, safer picture and walk on the invisible bridges, naturally accepting that you can benefit ever wider tribes .

It is not that the network of interconnections suddenly appeared from nowhere, it is only that you are just getting back into working fearlessly, clearly embracing more powerful currents rather than shying away from them, precisely picking out the connections that others are still to see but will benefit from”


If you feel like you’re reading life story as it is playing out now…. and you need a heading for the course with a thousand ideas and a bodies length list, then this book is for you.

What does Yanik say about his book?  “I’m ready to contribute in the biggest way I have yet. I see anything I’ve done to this point as a set up for what’s next. Share some of the servant leadership models as that fits into the culture piece of Evolved Enterprise.”

“I think there’s a coming shift that could change everything… how business can become one of the biggest levers for good—while actually being good for business.

The official release is coming up in the future too!”

“Next Monday, October 26, 2016 and my mission is to get 10,000 copies out at my cost.”



If you want the View and to learn how to serve better ,  you’ll see that the idea of evolved enterprise is solidly dependent on evolving inwardly to catch your own essence back from this alternative lifestyle of short shortsightedness and meaninglessness we ironically hold to be mainstream.
Nothing evolves unless we are willing to think free, large and what other people would call ambitious, but one could easily describe as simply human.

Think business strategy, great business, great life….create the vision in detail of what your business will look like in  a year from now and achieve that goal….

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Yanick Silver Evolved Enterprise Review

To be clear, there is not too much in the Yanik Silver book of inspiring business development that is brand new. Like many other motivational entrepreneurs, he reminds business owners that much of their own success will spring from their own positive view of themselves and their limitless enthusiasm. In order to guide followers through his concept of an Evolved Enterprise, though, he does give a few crucial reminders that many entrepreneurs tend to forget while they are building a business.

The Notion of Giving Back

This is a mantra that seems to be repeated by any able-bodied person who works a job, either for himself or for another established company: Always give back. Silver takes issue with the phrasing of this mantra, however, as a guidepost for entrepreneurs. His issue is that it implies that the entrepreneur has taken something away from someone else and now must return it. Silver suggests entrepreneurial minded achievers focus instead on creating value for their customers. This is the only giving back they need to ever keep in mind. What you create as a business model, or as a service or product, is the giving back.

This view veers off the beaten path, but has a lot of merit. It removes the need for entrepreneurs to ever feel guilty about doing well. It also leaves those who are building budding enterprises free to unconditionally explore their product and service innovations.

On the other side of the giving back coin is the drive to make the local community, the lives and the world brighter for all the people you might encounter. Silver nudges his listeners to take care of themselves first. While this may seem a bit self-centered initially, it is really a call to everyone to make sure you are mentally and physically well enough to inspire the same in others. This approach, according to Silver is always good for business. You, the entrepreneur who is committed to personal evolution, are the core of your business. Causes, community, your business culture and the things you create all extend from you.

Impact Levels

The other major compelling concept of Silver’s Evolved Enterprise is the three ways that he believes businesses operate. Most businesses, he says, stay at a transactional level. They exchange goods and services for money and are committed only to making transactions. Silver suggests that even some businesses who promote donations to charity are motivated by how their donations may boost their transactions.

The transformational level goes a little deeper. Here there is more than mere transactions. The client base is engaged in the company’s causes, promote the goodwill of the company by becoming devoted fans and ensure the company’s impact has a more profound meaning. Everyone from partners to suppliers to employees has bought into the big picture.

Businesses do not reach the transcending level until other businesses begin to follow their leads and adopt spin-off business models. At this level, the most inspiring partnerships between like-minded organizations happen. Those partnerships expand to networks that begin to transcend portions of the world.

The ideal person who should purchase this book is one who is not only building a business, but also wants to make a lasting impact. It could be the right inspiration for the entrepreneur who just opened his doors and saving grace for the long-time entrepreneur who is tired of doing business the same way he has for decades. Yanik Silver is not only telling people how to grow stronger, more meaningful business models. He is also giving them a blueprint for how to make a impact that lasts long after they have made their marks and gone.


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Evolved Enterprise by Yanik Silver



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